Almost Heaven Dulcimer Group Performance


In my quest to find my creative streak and passion for life again, I took up the Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer.  Talk about fun!  Trust me, I’m a whole lot better with a camera in my hand…at least for now.  Join us ( THEY are the INCREDIBLY talented ones) Sunday, August 29th (my first ever music gig) as the featured group at the Chimney Corner Cafe & Amphitheater.  Details below.

Almost Heaven Dulcimer Group - Yes That's Me Back Row Right

front row, l to r: James Binder, Martha Turley, Jane Robinson
middle row, l to r: Pam Grady, Pam Anderson, Helena Lee
back row, l to r: Heidi Muller, Dave Haas, Mary Booker, Bruce Haley


Chimney Corner Cafe & Amphitheater presents…
Sunday’s @ 1 with Jim Snyder
 Chimney Corner Cafe & Ampitheater, Chimney Corner, WV
just west of Ansted on US Rt 60 in beautiful, historic Fayette County
in New River Gorge Country
This Sunday’s, August 29th, 2010  featured group hails from many points along the Kanawha Valley –
from Cross Lanes to Gauley Bridge
the Almost Heaven Dulcimer Group @ 2
& Aaron Burns from Greenbrier County @ 3.30
The hills of Fayette County will truly come alive this Sunday with the hint of fall approaching and the sounds of traditional stringed instruments.
If you haven’t seen Chimney Corner’s ampitheater and sat beneath the sycamores, consider taking a Sunday afternoon drive and visiting one of WV’s best kept secrets.
No admission charge.

MENDING – The Healing Power of Nature

Hope Rising

   The Story Behind Hope Rising 

  With the passing of my beloved wife Myriam, I found myself in a state of mind that I wasn’t accustomed to, one of having to deal with grief, and the mending process that follows.  I’ve gone through the passing of my parents and friends, but this was different.  Myriam was my greatest inspiration, my mentor, my greatest fan, my one true love, my soul mate.  As a result, I found it very difficult to see any beauty in life and just as difficult to show that beauty in my nature photography – not to mention actually being able to go out and do my photography. Continue reading MENDING – The Healing Power of Nature

Suzan Chiacchio Brand ~ Nature of Norway

If you are in or around the other Charleston…..South Carolina, that is, anytime in August, stop by the Saul Alexander Gallery in the Charleston County Library, 68 Calhoun Street, to enjoy Suzan Chiacchio Brand’s beautiful photography exhibit, Nature of Norway.  I’ve had the honor of critiquing some of Suzan’s work for this exhibit and I can tell you that it is wonderful work.  In fact, as I looked at her work for this exhibit, I couldn’t help but wish that I had been there and the shots were mine.  Directions to the gallery can be found here .

Congratulations to Wonderful West Virginia Magazine

The Association for Conservation Information has awarded Wonderful West Virginia Magazine  first place for the story,  “Then and Now: The Town of Helvetia, written by Editor, Sheila McEntee.  Take some time to read this fascinating story about a Swiss village nestled in the beautiful hills of  West Virginia.

What’s It All About, Alfie?


Click On Image for Story and Details

"Wandering Through My Mind"

Click on Artwork for Story and Details

Hello again!  I figured that it was time to stop procrastinating and  let you know what to expect from this photoblog.


Usually when I create a work of art from my photography, I create first and title last.  With this post, the first thing that popped into my mind was the title: “what’s it all about, alfie”, which is the first line from the Hal David and Burt Bacharach 1966 hit, “Alfie”, made popular by Dionne Warwick and the movie of the same name.


After I recovered from thinking “WHAT corner of my mind did THAT come from?”, I decided to look up the long forgotten lyrics and there it was:

“i believe in love, alfie
without true love we just exist, alfie
until you find the love you’ve missed
you’re nothing, alfie”

Just Do It ~ A Solution to Procrastination
Day 3 of 3

"Day's End", Late spring sunset, Shenandoah National Forest, Virginia. Click on Image for More Information and to Add to Your Collection

     If you’ve been following along, you know that in Day 2 of 3 of Just Do It… I shared my second day of “writing” my first blog. I put “writing” in quotes because, as you well know, I hadn’t written the first word, opting to get bogged down by all the technical issues, not to mention all the other obstacles I managed to throw down.  In this final part, I share the happenings that FINALLY woke me up.

     Day 3 started out like the first two, full of hope, but feeling the pressure of meeting my self-imposed goal.  I’m not writing yet, but I’m learning a lot.  The problem with the whole procedure was that the more I discovered, the more I felt like I had to learn.  It was a vicious circle like the first time I was on the World Wide Web….one place led to another, which led to another, which led to another and, before I knew it, I was completely lost. Continue reading Just Do It ~ A Solution to Procrastination

Day 3 of 3

Just Do It ~ A Solution to Procrastination
Day 2 of 3

Afternoon Light #6

"Afternoon Light #6" Spring afternoon on the backroads of Tucker County, West Virginia. Click on Image For an Interesting STORY and/or to Add to Your Collection.


       In “…Day 1 of 3”,  I took you through the first full  day of “writing” my first blog.  The saga continues…

       What I haven’t told you is that, several months ago, I took the entire WordPress course on  All this tutorial stuff was actually a refresher.  The thing is, I had changed themes and now I was working on WordPress installed on the server hosting my website, rather than on the WordPress website.  Before, almost everything was exactly like the tutorial which made life so easy.  Now, with a new blog theme and it being on my server rather than the WordPress server,  the tutorials didn’t quite match, which added to the stress level.  Continue reading Just Do It ~ A Solution to Procrastination

Day 2 of 3

Just Do It ~ A Solution to Procrastination
Day 1 of 3

“Golden Haze on The Meadow”, Fall Morning, Droop Mountain, Hillsboro, West Virginia. Click on Image For More Information and to Add to Your Collection

     My webmaster, Marian Jackson at and I have been working on a massive redesign of my website since the middle of February.  While there was, and always be, a million little things to do, I made the decision to take it live on July 1, 2010.  The one remaining major “task” was creating my first Blog.  And that’s when Procrastination reared it’s ugly head.

     I’ve had almost five months to think about it.  Five months to come up with the most elegant, insightful blog ever written.  The 4th of July holiday weekend was going to be the perfect opportunity.  Three whole days to come up with something.  Enthusiasm was high.  Determination was powerful.  The end was in sight.  Unfortunately, procrastination reigned supreme.

Continue reading Just Do It ~ A Solution to Procrastination

Day 1 of 3


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