Just Do It ~ A Solution to Procrastination
Day 1 of 3

“Golden Haze on The Meadow”, Fall Morning, Droop Mountain, Hillsboro, West Virginia. Click on Image For More Information and to Add to Your Collection

     My webmaster, Marian Jackson at Paintwebs.com and I have been working on a massive redesign of my website since the middle of February.  While there was, and always be, a million little things to do, I made the decision to take it live on July 1, 2010.  The one remaining major “task” was creating my first Blog.  And that’s when Procrastination reared it’s ugly head.

     I’ve had almost five months to think about it.  Five months to come up with the most elegant, insightful blog ever written.  The 4th of July holiday weekend was going to be the perfect opportunity.  Three whole days to come up with something.  Enthusiasm was high.  Determination was powerful.  The end was in sight.  Unfortunately, procrastination reigned supreme.

        I fully intended to jump start on Friday night, but rather than work on the blog, I opted to go to Taylor Books here in downtown Charleston, WV to visit with friends and listen to the beautiful music of Heidi Muller and Bob Webb.  When I returned home, my new McSpadden mountain dulcimer (more about that in a later post) called to me and late into the night I worked on mastering my new passion.  That’s OK.  All work and no play makes Bruce a dull boy, right?  In case you answered that incorrectly, it does.  Anyway, I still had three full days to complete my first blog.  

      Saturday morning came way too early, but I was excited about getting to work.  My first thought was that I have no idea how to post a blog.  So it was off to lynda.com to learn everything there is to know about WordPress.  After a few tutorials, I realized that I was craving sesame seed bagels from Panera Bread and if I didn’t go right away, they may be out of them.

     After satifying my craving, it was back to the tutorials (so MUCH to learn).  Unfortunately, my eyes kept wandering from the computer screen to an old Epiphone guitar that a dulcimer friend had given me.  It needed new strings and I wanted to have it checked out for any flaws…besides my playing skills, that is.  Two hours later, I was back in front of the screen watching tutorials.  The rest of the day was spent watching tutorials, napping, practicing the dulcimer, watching a movie wondering if I was ever going to learn how to perfect this blog thing. 

     One thing led to another and before I knew it, morning had turned to evening and my bed was calling.  I still hadn’t written my first word.

Continued in Part 2.  Well?  It IS about procrastination, isn’t it?

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Day 1 of 3

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