Just Do It ~ A Solution to Procrastination
Day 2 of 3

Afternoon Light #6

"Afternoon Light #6" Spring afternoon on the backroads of Tucker County, West Virginia. Click on Image For an Interesting STORY and/or to Add to Your Collection.


       In “…Day 1 of 3”,  I took you through the first full  day of “writing” my first blog.  The saga continues…

       What I haven’t told you is that, several months ago, I took the entire WordPress course on lynda.com.  All this tutorial stuff was actually a refresher.  The thing is, I had changed themes and now I was working on WordPress installed on the server hosting my website, rather than on the WordPress website.  Before, almost everything was exactly like the tutorial which made life so easy.  Now, with a new blog theme and it being on my server rather than the WordPress server,  the tutorials didn’t quite match, which added to the stress level. 

     To make matters worse, I didn’t like the new blog theme because it didn’t have the look and feel of my website.  I found this to be quite frustrating and I kept wavering between trying to make the new blog theme work or find another that better fit my needs.  I FINALLY opted for the latter.  A quick e-mail to my webmaster (this is on July 4th, mind you) and within minutes, Marian had a new blog theme uploaded and installed with instructions to enjoy.

       It only took me a few minutes to realized that I had NO idea how to install the banner which was the motivating factor for changing blog themes in the first place. This theme was the most versatile yet, having many more options than the other two.  I saw a steep learning curve ahead of me and my goal of completing the blog by Monday was in serious jeopardy.  Another quick e-mail to Marian and she had the banner installed in seconds.  Still, all the new theme options had my head swimming.

     In the meantime, I had received an invitation from my friend, Pam Hawley Grady.  Now let’s see, a cookout and group dulcimer playing (to clear my head, of course) or dealing with the mind boggling details of posting my first blog?  Such a difficult choice.

     I returned home around 8:00 with music dancing in my head.  Blog or playing with my new dulcimer? I think you already know the answer.

     I STILL hadn’t written the first word. In Day 3 of 3 I’ll share how I discovered the error of my ways.

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Day 2 of 3

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