Welcome to my Studio. Here you will find the current featured portfolios. To see all my artwork, go to the shopping area.

While nature is usually my inspiration, I don't always see her in the same way. As a result, my photography takes on three distinct styles and they are as broken down as follows:

The "Traditional Photography" Portfolio features nature as I saw it for a split second in time. These images are presented without any computer manipulation other than the standard darkroom processing.

The "Impressionistic Photography" Portfolio features nature photography in a way that you may not think of. The images here are the result of using various techniques with the camera. Sometimes I use the lens as my paintbrush. Other times, I will "sandwich" slides, or make other adjustments to the images in order to express my vision.

The "PhoDigital Paintings" Portfolio is a result of my frustration with not being able to paint nature with a brush. Each image begins with one of my traditional photographs. I then "paint" the photograph in the computer to express the excitement I feel when creating. Each portfolio is composed of six images Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image and use the arrows to scroll the thumbnails.

Additional images are available in the Artwork / Shopping area.