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Mother Earth Collection

Nature is not just a tree, a stream, a mountain, a grassy field. It's a combination of many different elements working together to paint a beautiful picture of our planet. When photographing nature, I'm often frustrated by not being able to present all that I am experiencing, all that I am seeing. The Mother Earth Collection was born out of that frustration by bringing together many elements into one image, showing how their lines, shapes and colors interact. When all these elements are combined, we find, in nature, the essence of our souls.

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A Light In The Forest #2  (Limited Original 50)

Autumn Grove  (Limited Original 50)

Bird of Paradise #5  (Limited Original 50)

Blackwater Trail  (Limited Original 50)

Bursting Forth (Limited Edition of 50)

Dancing Light #2  (Limited Original 50)

Fall's Heartbeat

Into The Light #3  (Limited Original 50)

Morning Drama #2 (Limited Original 50)

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